Time to Change YouTube Campaigns

In the film aimed at young people, called "#maketime for friends", YouTube stars, includingthe comedy duo Jack and Dean and the social commentator Cherry Wallis were recruited for an uplifting film based around friendships. The other film targets men aged between 25 and 44, while the other...


How You Feeling Eh?

How You Feeling Eh?

One of the reasons people find mental health so difficult to talk about is that there is no one solution, everyone with a mental health condition has their own experiences and needs, no one approach fits all. By encouraging a better understanding of mental health, and of the services available...


BWCI Guernsey Mind 10K Run 2014

BWCI Guernsey Mind 10K Run 2014

A new charity fun run has been launched by Guernsey Mind, BWCI and Guernsey Athletics. The aim of the run is to raise funds to help support Guernsey Mind's work in reducing the stigma attached to mental illness and to highlight the important role exercise can play in helping to have a healthy...


What is mental health?

A person who is considered 'mentally healthy' is someone who can cope with the normal stresses of life and carry out the usual activities they need to in order to look after themselves; can realise their potential; and make a contribution to their community. Throughout our lives, mental health is...

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