Lee Merrien Running - 10K Fun Run Beginners' schedule

Lee Merrien Running has created eight week training schedules for the BWCI 10K Fun Run. Designed for beginners and intermediates, the schedules will ensure runners are well prepared for the event on 11th September. Click here for the beginners' schedule.    


BWCI Mind 10K Fun Run - Lee Merrien Running training schedules

Mind has teamed up with Lee Merrien who has kindly produced an eight-week schedule to help prepare you for the 10K Fun Run. These are for both beginners and intermediate level runners and provides the option to participate in some group runs and some local events to ensure you are ready for 11th...


Memories of Sarah spurred me on

The theme of National Mental Health Awareness Week this year is the quality of relationships and how vital they are to our health and well-being. Jill Chadwick talked to Melanie Bichard, who completed the Boston Marathon against all odds in memory of her niece, who took her own life. To read the...