Elephant Week 2014

Elephant Week 2014

Guernsey Mental Health Week 2014 Elephant week is an opportunity for us to discuss and change our thinking about mental health and wellbein. this could be through the events that are organised, arranging an event yourself or something as simple as talking to someone about how they are...


10k Run Route Map

The Course turns left out of KGV then heads down to the coast along Route Charrue. Along the coast past Vistas cafe and left up Rue du Gele, then through Kings Mills, past De Lisle Church, past Saumarez Park and into KGV  


Be Active & Stay Mentally Healthy

Physical activity has been proven to help your mental health. Experts believe that through exercise, chemicals are released in your brain to make you feel good. Regular exercise makes you feel and look better, boosts self-esteem and helps you sleep. There are many ways to stay active in order to...

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