Walk & Talk informal walks

Walk & Talk informal walks

Our welcoming, friendly and supportive group meets each week for an informal walk in a lovely inland or coastal location, followed by a tea/coffee at a local cafe or beach kiosk. You are very welcome to join us for a walk and a friendly chat (it's fine if you prefer to walk and not...


Over 200 entrants for this Sunday's BWCI Mind 10K Fun Run

More than 200 have signed up for our Fun Run taking place this Sunday 11th September. The event promises to be the best attended ever with experienced runners, those who have trained up to tackle the event for the first time, and others walking the route from the KGV. Race start is 10:00 and click...


Lee Merrien Running - 10K Fun Run Beginners' schedule

Lee Merrien Running has created eight week training schedules for the BWCI 10K Fun Run. Designed for beginners and intermediates, the schedules will ensure runners are well prepared for the event on 11th September. Click here for the beginners' schedule.    

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