An initiative to push the boundaries ever wider in ensuring a positive attitude to mental wellbeing and break down the stigmas associated with mental health.

A community uprising for positive mental health

This campaign aims to create a community of 1,000 Minds to make a difference to the landscape of mental health in Guernsey. Our current champions cover a wide cross section of the community from fund raisers, Mental Health First Aiders, Blue Light Champions, members of The Hope Choir, members of our Walk and Talk group, and Corporate Champions who make a difference in the workplace.


When you become a 1,000 Minds Champion we give you a card to keep in your wallet which will remind you of the three pledges you have agreed to:

1. Do something for your own mental well-being;

2. Raise awareness of mental health in Guernsey

3. Introduce another 1,000 Minds Champion


For more information contact Jill Chadwick on or call the Mind Centre on 722959.


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