Our Community Support groups provide an opportunity for people to have social interaction in a supportive, safe and friendly environment.

1,000 Minds

Hope Singers

Lions Mind Centre



Held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 10:00-12:00 at the Lions Mind Centre. This social drop-in group is open to all Mental Health Service users. It promotes support, security and social inclusion in a venue that is accessible for the wider community. It is facilitated by two Mental Health Service staff.


Man Club

A space for men to just talk or just listen. It's free, confidential and non-judgemental. For more information contact Phil at Phil.Surry@guernseymind.org.gg


Walk and Talk

Join us for an informal walk followed by coffee and a relaxed chat. This initiative is for those that enjoy the outdoors and want to talk with like minded people. It's a feel good activity that gives you some gentle exercise and the chance to meet new friends. All walks are on Tuesday mornings at 10:30. For more information contact Jill at Jill.Chadwick@guernseymind.org.gg

For more information contact the Mind Centre on 722959.