Signposting Service

We provide signposting services geared towards the individual and focused on the impact of their mental health on their lives and relationships. We provide an opportunity for someone to be fully heard and listened to confidentially and without judgement. Information about local and online services is provided and referrals given where possible.

We do not offer advice nor are we qualified counsellors. Our services are fully confidential and no information is shared unless specifically requested by the individual.


Community Support Groups

These varied groups provide an opportunity for people to have social interaction in a supportive and friendly environment.

1,000 Minds


Book Club

An inclusive community book club for all comers where you will be offered a variety of titles to read and discuss. Meetings will be held monthly. For more information contact Jill Chadwick on


Man Club

A space for men to just talk or just listen. It's free, confidential and non-judgemental. For more information contact Phil at


Walk and Talk

Join us for an informal walk followed by coffees and a relaxed chat. This initiative is for those that enjoy the outdoors and want to talk with like minded people. It's a feel good activity that gives you some gentle exercise and the chance to meet new friends. Walks are held every two weeks on Thursday mornings. For more information contact Jill Chadwick on


Wellbeing Centre

We are creating a wellbeing centre in Alderney. If you would like to volunteer or have a group that would like to use the centre please contact Jill on