What is the Secondary Care Service?

The Secondary Care Service is for people requiring assessment, treatment and support for a serious mental health problem. These include moderate to severe depression, psychosis, presenting as a risk to themselves and/or others and treatable personality disorders. The secondary service is used when people require urgent help, long term support or a hospital stay.

People requiring urgent help

People that require urgent help will be seen within 48 hours by the Duty and Brief Intervention Team. These people could be considered a danger to themselves and/or others in the means of serious self-harm or harming another person. Through the secondary service an urgent assessment is given in which short term treatment is then implemented. This could include a hospital stay and therefore the secondary service has links with A&E to attempt to help the person concerned.

Psychological Therapies and Interventions Service (PTI) - Medium Term

The Psychological Therapies and Intervention service is based at the Oberlands Centre. The team is a variety of practitioners including psychologists, psychotherapists, cognitive behavioural psychotherapists, art therapists, family therapists, community mental health nurses, social workers and recovery star workers all of who have had specialist training in interventions for people with mental health problems.

This service offers a range of interventions on an individual, couple, family or group basis. They help you to understand your difficulties and identify possible solutions much like the Primary Service.

The PTI service is for people that have been referred by their GP or a mental health professional. You will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires and once these have been completed you will be offered an assessment appointment. Appointments will vary from person to person and the amount you receive is jointly negotiated and reviewed between you and your mental health practitioner. These appointments can be once a week, once a fortnight or further apart.

The Mental Health Recovery & Wellbeing Service - Long Term

The Mental Health Recovery & Wellbeing Service provides rehabilitation for adults who have acute and/or long term mental health symptoms. The service believes that recovery from mental health difficulties is not based on the absence of symptoms but on the person’s fulfilment of their potential and their preferred roles within society. The service operates in the following areas:

  • In patient services (Crevichon Ward)
  • The Recovery & Wellbeing Centre
  • Wellness & Recovery clinic
  • Recovery focused therapeutic group-work
  • Recovery focused individual sessions