We offer local businesses the support, advice and training they need to manage mental health at work.

This service enables employers to adopt a mentally supportive workplace culture. Options range from adopting policies on managing mental health at work to encouraging staff to have an informed approach to managing their own stress levels and knowing when and how to ask for help.

A change in workplace culture from senior management down is vital, but can seem daunting. Adopting a strategic approach with small incremental changes over a period of time and making best use of available services can reduce the time commitment of already overworked staff, and encourage a more organic process from within the organisation itself.

Support and advice

We help employers to:

Mental Health Awareness Training

We offer awareness sessions about mental health which can last from 20 mins to 1hr. We can cover particular subjects for you or give a general introduction to mental health in Guernsey.

The cost of a 1hr course is £350 or by donation, short taster sessions are free.

Guernsey Mind Workplace Training

Since the beginning of 2012 we have trained over 120 managers and business leaders with our bespoke 'Managing Mental Health in the Workplace' training.

The course consists of one session of 3.5hrs for up to 15 members of staff. The cost of the course is £450 or by donation.

What you will learn:

We aim to gear the training towards your needs and so prefer to have some initial discussion to ascertain what these will be.


Every 2 years we hold a conference on mental health with a mix of local and external speakers.


Keep updated with all events and training seminars by looking at our Events Calendar & News Section.