In 2011 Guernsey Mind embarked on a project to promote best practice in the workplace for people experiencing common mental health problems. We engaged with local employers to find out what they need and think, created a sample 'Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy', and developed a pilot 'Managing Mental Health at Work' training course. In 2013 we launched our Business Consultancy and Training Service .

It is widely recognised that mentally healthy workplaces experience less absence, increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Yet right now, one in six workers is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. This service promotes a preventative approach to mental wellbeing at work and involves increasing mental health awareness, reducing stigma around seeking help, helping staff develop resilience, and introducing simple and effective management tools to help employees stay at work.

We focus on simple strategic and practical tools to manage mental health at work. Contact us for more information about our services.

Business Consultancy and Training Service